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How to find seed oil free restaurants

How to find seed oil free restaurants

So you’ve decided to avoid or completely eliminate seed oils from your diet, but how?

The kitchen at home is easy – simply don’t buy or bring canola, soybean, or other seed oils into your house. Stock your pantry or fridge with butter, ghee, beef tallow, pork lard, coconut oil, olive oil, or some other non-seed oil. Then, use those oils in place of seed oil and consider their differences per the recipe or application.

You can find producers of non-seed-oil cooking oils on the Cooking Oil Producers page.

Finding seed oil free restaurants

Local Fats is your go-to website for locating restaurants near you and abroad who cook with oils that are not seed oils. This website’s map is open to submissions worldwide, with the requirement that the restaurant should be able to consistently accommodate seed oil free dining. You should be able to eat a complete meal without seed oils at any of these locations, either by selecting items that are cooked with other oils or by asking that the chef’s staff accommodate your needs.

Restaurants who have been listed completely seed oil free can be viewed on the 100% seed oil free restaurant map.

There are also maps that filter restaurants by the cooking oils they use. View the maps of restaurants that replace seed oils with better oils:

Browse restaurants by cooking oil worldwide.

Since these listings are community-generated, some might have been submitted in error. Sometimes people get excited and just add their favorite restaurant, I can’t validate every listing thoroughly. If you identify a listing that has been submitted in error, tap the flag on the top-right of their listing’s info card and alert the admin so that listing can be removed or modified.

If you know of a place that cooks without seed oils, submit a restaurant to the map.

Seed oil free dining

If restaurants has been added to the map in your area, you can find them a few ways.

Restaurants near me

Use the Near Me button scattered around the Local Fats website to search for non-seed-oil restaurants using your device location. Your device will use either GPS or WiFi triangulation to generate a set of GPS coordinates, which are collected, sent to the server, then used to query the database, return a list of restaurants, and display them on the map. This is the quickest way to find seed oil free restaurants near you.

Search for restaurants

To search for restaurants who use cooking oils other than seed oils, use the search bar found on the home page. Searching by location is particularly useful when searching ahead of time for places you might go, or in searching for someone else who lives far away.

Restaurants and eateries which have been listed as 100% seed oil free will bear a badge on the info popup when you tap their pin on the map. The non-seed-oil cooking oils used for each listing will also be displayed on their info popup.

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