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Updated: January 21, 2022

Local Fats is an independent project run on a floss-string budget. No distant shareholders with hands on levers, no automated Google ads bombarding you with irrelevant products – just an easy to use website that helps people discover better options near them. will always be free to search, add your own business, and add businesses that you’ve found who meet our standards.

Check out the original project, raw milk finder and raw milk law map. Same deal over there, just raw milk.

Driving energy into these businesses will help them grow, encourage other businesses to adopt better practices, and inspire more businesses to open up shop the right way.

Local Fats drives energy into businesses who do the things that we like, at no cost to them, and also helps hungry people find good food. This is where it all begins for each connection made.

What you can do to help

Spread the word

The most important thing you can do is become a regular at businesses who do things right, and to help other people find good spots near them.

LocalFats is designed to make this easy. Easy to find good place, easy to share their information. Use the website, share these restaurant listings with others, find more listings and add them to the map.

Help keep up to date

Know a good place that isn’t on Have updated info for any particular listing? Has a business on the map shut down?

Local Fats becomes more useful as more listings are added to the map. Submit your favorite restaurants. Find more and let us know about them.

If a restaurant has changed the cooking oils they use, or moved locations, or their contact info has changed – update their information by using the ‘suggest’ feature on the bottom right corner of the info card on their page.

Help us add in your city or country

Local Fats is open to worldwide listings. Take the initiative for your city or country by sending an email to with a list of places that can fill the map in your area.

You can also submit them one by one using the new listing form.

This project costs money, so…

Actual dollars are a requirement to keep this website on the internet, along with time dedicated to development, maintenance, and updates. Consider making a financial contribution to keep this project going and improving.

There is a tip jar at the bottom of this page that accepts all standard credit/ debit cards. The form is secure, your card info never hits our servers, and you can tip anonymously.

Crypto addresses can be found in the footer of the website. All contributions are appreciated.

Someday, using good and proper fats to cook our meals will be the norm. It’s going to be that way because we are going to make it so. Thank you for helping Local Fats build this small part of a better world.

Spread the word

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