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Local Fats is an independent community data garden dedicated to listing and mapping out restaurants who use better fats for their cooking oils.

What is Local Fats?

After many requests by the specifically seed-oil-repelled, I retrofitted and deployed the web stack built for the global raw milk finder to create a publicly accessible database (this website) with search functions and maps to showcase restaurants that use better cooking oils.

Use this website to find cool restaurants that are using better cooking oils in their dishes (view restaurants by cooking oil), most should be able to accommodate seed oil free dining, and visit the map just for 100% seed oil free restaurants.

There is also a map for cooking oil producers, so that you can see which producers are located where and use these cooking oils at home.

Community driven – not for sale

If you appreciate this project, leave a tip. This project will remain free and publicly accessible, so share your favorite spot with the world: use the submission form to add a new listing.

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