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Buffalo Wild Wings Canada fries chicken in soybean oil

Buffalo Wild Wings Canada fries chicken in soybean oil

Buffalo Wild Wings comes up a lot in seed oil free discussions.

In the United States, BWW uses beef tallow in their national allergen and preparation guide. If you stick with a dry rub and avoid the sauces (painful, I personally don’t do this) you can have a 100% seed oil free wing meal. Fries and even their cauliflower wings are fried in beef tallow.

BWW Canada’s allergen and preparation guide is different, and unfortunately, tallow isn’t on the list.

View: BWW Canada Allergen and Preparation Guide

I’m not sure if beef tallow is not used at all, or if beef tallow is an unnamed default (which seems odd). Shortening is not mentioned, so I’m assuming it’s not there until shown otherwise. Is it possible that US regulators require them to list beef, but Canada does not?

Buffalo Wild Wings Alberta has a box checked for “soy” on both wing types, so that seems to be their cooking oil of choice.

Buffalo Wild Wings Ontario has no cooking oil associated with their Traditional and Boneless Wings, so maybe there’s hope, but this guide doesn’t show us the details.

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