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Mexican fast food for seed oil free dining

Mexican fast food for seed oil free dining

Let me introduce you to a word: manteca.

Manteca is basically a semi-rough form of pork lard. It’s pure pork fat, not as filtered as standard lard and has a yellow or caramel coloring. This oil is common in Mexican and other Latin American fast food restaurants.

The fried cod on the left was fried in seed oils. The carnitas and carne asada on the right were cooked with pork fat.

Most fast food chains have leaned into seed oils as a cheap way to cook. Many Latin American restaurants (even chains) have continued to use manteca for its unique taste – and you won’t be consuming seed oils if you stay away from the deep fried options. Manteca is generally used in all food preparation, except the deep fryer.

Your nearest carne asada burrito, or California burrito, could be seed oil free. Check the map, or ask your local spot and if you find good news add them to the map using the submission form.

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Bonus: many of these places offer organ meats, like beef tongue aka “lengua.” I like adding lengua next to carne asada in a California burrito to get some fattier meat next to some crispy thin meat for an excellent meaty experience.

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