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Buffalo Wild Wings uses beef tallow, confirmed by allergen guide

Buffalo Wild Wings uses beef tallow, confirmed by allergen guide

Don’t take my word for it, here’s a link to the official Buffalo Wild Wings website. They document and release guides for nutrition, allergen, and preparation for their chicken wings and other food items.

Nutrition info published by Buffalo Wild Wings

There may be some variations outside the USA (update: Canadian BWW locations use soybean oil), but inside the country Buffalo Wild Wings is using a ton of beef tallow – even for their cauliflower wings.

Nutrition, Allergen, & Preparation – Buffalo Wild Wings USA

In the link above, you can view all of their food items and see which cooking oils are used.

Are their sauces seed oil free?

On their allergen guide, the sauces are also listed with beef tallow, soybean oil, and other indicators. Many of their sauces do not use soybean oil, but canola and sunflower oil are not listed.

At the time of writing, sauces that use soybean oil are: Original Buffalo, Asian Zing, Orange Chicken, Teriyaki, and Thai Curry.

This leaves plenty of sauces which do not use soybean oil, but canola and other seed oils are not listed, so you’ll have to confirm your sauce.

None of their dry rubs contain seed oil.

BWW spin-off using soybean oil

Couple years ago there was some belligerent outcry that Buffalo Wild Wings had stopped using beef tallow, and had switched to soybean oil. The restaurant in question was a connected restaurant named Buffalo Wild Wings® GO – Alliance Kitchen. This is a separate restaurant attached to a BWW in Atlanta, GA. They use soybean oil, but they are separate from Buffalo Wild Wings USA and have their own allergen guide.

Seed oil free dining at Buffalo Wild Wings

If you’re completely eliminating seed oils from your diet, many of their sauces do contain soybean oil. If you are concerned about that, just go with the dry rub and you’ll be set.

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