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Chanko Nutrition - Pickup Location

Seed Oil Free
Beef TallowReal ButterOlive OilCoconut OilAvocado Oil


Address and Contact Info

3326 W 7th St
Fort Worth, TX
US 76107


Meal prep service. Order using their website and pickup at Burgundy's Local in Dallas.

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Seed oil free restaurant

Chanko Nutrition - Pickup Location was submitted to the map because they are cooking food with something better than seed oils.

Chanko Nutrition - Pickup Location is reported to be 100% seed oil free.

They are reportedly using beef tallow, beef drippings, or beef suet in their cooking.

They are reportedly using real butter in their cooking.

They are reportedly using olive oil in their cooking.

They are reportedly using coconut oil in their cooking.

They are reportedly using avocado oil in their cooking.

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